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Jon Nathaniel Wines

Family Owned and Farmed
Vineyards for over 25 years

Windfall Vineyard

Our Windfall Vineyard in Rutherford, Napa Valley epitomizes the Jon Nathaniel philosophy: small, special, and painstakingly hand-farmed. Owned by the Komes family since 1986, this precious gem hosts just 2.2 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon and 1.79 acres of Merlot on organically-farmed, rocky bale loam soils. The vines are tightly spaced, creating competition for nutrients and lowering their overall production. But in this battle, we all win: low yields of incredibly rich and concentrated fruit that are worth the exhaustive work of growing it. 


Lavender Hill Vineyard

About as close as you can get to San Pablo Bay without falling in, our Lavender Hill Vineyard is probably one of the coolest in Napa Valley, a seven-acre site that is constantly buffeted by fog and breezes blowing in off the nearby Pacific Ocean. This is Chardonnay country, a hilly knoll with well-spaced vines that produce very low yields of aromatic and intensely concentrated fruit. Each year, our Lavender Hill Chardonnay is culled from the finest blocks and lots of wine this vineyard produces.